ANA INGHAM (Playwright/Novelist) The multi-award winning author of fifteen internationally published novels (under two different names) and ten plays lives in New York and in London. Two of her plays, Astronaut from Finland and Snowy Night were produced and performed at the Brighton (UK) Theatre Fringe Festival in 2007.


Another two of her plays, Dream of An Englishman and Delicate Perception were selected to be a part of the Times Square International Spring Theatre Festival. Snowy Night was performed at the Variations Theatre Group’s Avant-Garde Theatre Festival in June 2012 and in Manhattan Repertory Theatre in September 2012.


Her two short plays, ‘A Successful Woman’ and ‘Sing Shubert For Me’ have been performed at Short Play Lab as part of Midtown International Theatre Festival and  her full length play DREAM OF AN ENGLISHMAN as a part of Midtown International Theatre Festival.


Her literary awards include 'Hamburg City Poet award, Gunther Grass fellowship,(in Germany)  Madarali Novel Prize, (Istanbul) Yaddo (in waiting list), (USA)Marguerite Duras Fellowship (France), Valporasio fellowship (Spain)

Ana Ingham together with her late husband, well known British artist Bryan Ingham

More about British Artist Bryan Ingham in this video Using images and photographs we produced this tribute to artist Bryan Ingham 1936-1997 to be shown at exhibitions throughout 2015 Art Galleries in London and LA.

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