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A novelist, playwright and poet with an international identity, Ms. Ingham's work delves into everything from relationships, love, and social commentary. Her sharp, observant voice makes a subtle, social and amusing commentary on the complexities of life, love, and the never-ending pursuit of happiness. She has written 15 Novels.

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Ana Ingham's Recent Works of Fiction

Three Colors of Love


Three Colors of Love consists of three novels  that revolve  around unusual relationships and  tells the stories of contemporary Germans including a scientist, a psychoterapist, a radio reporter who struggle to find new definitions and shed the burden of the previous generations.


“As literary creations Ana Ingham’s characters are just brilliant, sensitive, often touching, making these relatively troubled, even broken people, come to us as tragic visions of the human need for meaning and relationship.” Bob Corbett

Lazy Friends

The ancient, remote town in England, seems to be a refuge for the loners who are at odds with the fast, mechanized world. And everybody has an extraordinary story to tell to the sophisticated girl from Harvard.


“While the novel offers enough suspense about the outcome of the conflict between Sandra and Harry, the reader is drawn into other suspenses of peripheral stories.”  - Bob Corbett 


All Dreamers Go To America


“This novel takes a Mediterranean countryman through a series of adventures in which his charming innocence is set against the American Dream” - JohnTungay


"It is impossible to dislike this dreamer. One cares about him and one wishes to keep him company in his solitary adventure in America.  An America as described by Ana Ingham seems different from what one imagines. We, discover America from the perspective of a dreamer.  - Christine Roudier 


“Niko’s character is well drawn and sympathetic, and the plot well thought out. An excellent book”  - Richard Husted 

Urgent Beauty


“In this philosophical yet highly accessible novel, Ana Ingham sets out to show that art and love are – in essence – the same thing.” - Barry Stewart Hunter (UK) !


“I was in the hands of an author who could move me a great deal.”  -  Bob Corbett (USA) !


“This is a well-constructed book, ambitious, striving for a depth of content as severe as is found in the novels of Thomas Hardy and Joseph Conrad.”  -  John Tungay (UK) !


"It is a treasure through the forest of emotions that bedevil a descent into Hell – torment – yet emerges into Heaven."   - David de Pinna (UK) 

The English Dream


Fate brings together five idiosyncratic characters in Brighton – Marion, a complicated angel working in a nursing home; Jim, a bohemian poet, traumatized by nuclear testing on Christmas Island; Tung, a Malaysian ex-serviceman who once served in the colonial British Armyto seek prosperity and prestige in England; Paula, the daughter of Polish dissidents dreaming of America, and Harold, an ex-rock singer, and a compulsive architect of   castles in the air.    

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